summer party 2017

Thoughts on the summer party 2017. It is a beautiful day in August, the sun is shining, in contrast to the last days and it seems as if on purpose, because today the SOLWODI summer party is supposed to take place. During the last days we had lots to organize, went shopping and also had a look at the location – the „Tempelhofer Feld“. The day begins, as usual, at the counseling center, but very soon we start packing the cars, which have been made available to us by various volunteers. The mood is cheerful, but also slightly tense and the question, “will everything work out?” lingers in the air. We arrive early at the location, and fortunately not alone. Many volunteers have come early to help us prepare everything. Tables are set up as a buffet and many colorful blankets serve as „picnic tables”. Little by little our women appear. In most cases, they push buggies in front of them, they are mostly in groups and smile over the entire face. They embrace us to say hello and start to bring their self-prepared food to the buffet. Slowly the women settle down and start talking. Some already know each other, some meet for the first time, yet the mood is not tense, contrary to expectations. Soon there is much laughter, singing and dancing. As soon as most of the women are present, the buffet is solemnly opened and the food is celebrated. Many children run around, play with balls and soap bubbles, laugh a lot and feel visibly happy. I especially like the openness with which the women meet. No matter where they originally come from, no matter what religion they belong to, they come together and celebrate, not next to each other but with each other. But what are we celebrating? I guess this is quite individual, but you could actually celebrate everything today: the freedom to come together on this day, the fact that SOLWODI is an organization which obviously can bring a diverse range of women together, that the women can come together and laugh despite their story, that they bring wonderful children with them, or simply that we all live this life at this time and meet in such a magical moment. The whole party is like a parallel universe, I partly feel detached from time and space. I could be anywhere in the world, no matter what time, I believe as long as I am with these women it will be a wonderful day. Unfortunately, however, this day passes quickly; I am terribly tired and very happy at the same time. What remains is the hope to be there the next time and my memory of a little miracle. Ronja Mohs (intern)