Creative Offers

Theater and Relaxation

The key objectives are to foster the clients’ stability, communication skills, intercultural exchange, integration and self-confidence.

The clients coping skills and competences are strengthened by using relaxation and creative theater techniques. Existing abilities are also explored through role playing. The acting enables the women i. a. to strengthen their perception, to activate their self-healing capacities and to overcome conflicts.

*Childcare is offered for the duration of the three-hour course.

Art – Painting and Handicrafts

Key objectives are: supporting healing processes, building personal growth, strengthening self-confidence, expanding personal resources as well as improving integration and participation.

The focus is on the participants and their needs. They choose their own creative materials and colors and are accompanied and supported in exploring their own creative freedom.

Creativity has a calming as well as a stimulating effect on the soul. It helps to become more self-aware and promotes self-confidence. By offering the participants diverse designing methods and techniques, they are given the opportunity to discover their own abilities. At the same time, the artistic process stimulates their fantasy and creativity and can lead to a life affirming attitude. The creation of one’s own piece of art strengthens their self-esteem.

*If needed, childcare is available for the duration of the two-hour course.

Further Offers
Self-defense course

In cooperation with the International Pastoral Centre Berlin and the education center Jack, SOLWODI Berlin offers its clients a self-defense course of about six to eight weeks guided by a professional trainer.
The participants learn exercises to release anger and other negative feelings as well as simple techniques to defend themselves. They experience that often it is not physical strength that counts. This insight combined with the acquired self-defense methods strengthens their self-assurance and their self-confidence.


With the help of students and volunteers, in cooperation with the education center Jack, the clients are taught – in small groups or individually – how to ride the bicycle, an activity which many of them were not allowed to learn in their home country.


Cycling enables them to become more mobile and flexible in the city as well as giving them exercise and more autonomy. The women enjoy the training and the learning of traffic regulations as well as the exchange with the students and volunteers.

When the participants receive their own bicycles, which are obtained through donations, at the end of the course, this often is the greatest highlight for our clients.

Creative Dance for Women from all over the World

SOLWODI offers a creative dance course under the guidance of the artist Miriam Bondy. As an approach and method, the healing pedagogical dance is used here, whereby through the use of various materials the participants are led playfully into the dance. The dance course awakens and fosters the joy of movement with one’s own body but also with one another. It also supports healing processes and strengthens self-esteem and body awareness.