Helping & Donating


When migrant and refugee women and their children arrive in Berlin, the long process of integration begins, which requires a lot of work and commitment in several areas and on all sides. Through the empowerment of women and the loving dismantling of prejudices, a more peaceful and vibrant society can emerge.

If you share our vision, you are welcome to support us with donations. Of course, you will receive a donation receipt from us.


If you are interested in an internship at SOLWODI Berlin e. V. as part of your studies in social work or similar, please send your application and CV to .

Voluntary commitment

If you would like to volunteer for a client of SOLWODI Berlin and her children as a child carer, companion to offices or doctors, supporter in finding a flat, etc., please get in touch! Send us an e-Mail to and we will get in touch with you.