About us

SOLWODI is the abbreviation of “SOLidarity with WOmen in DIstress“

SOLWODI is a non-partisan and non-denominational organization for migrant and refugee women in distress, and a specialized counseling center for victims of human trafficking and other forms of gender-based violence, exploitation and human rights violations.

SOLWODI Berlin’s target group are particularly vulnerable migrant and refugee women with focus on African women and victims of human trafficking.

Our aims are:

  • Promoting our clients’ security, stability, social inclusion, self-efficacy and participation as well as strengthening their identity
  • Promoting a peaceful coexistence through culturally sensitive, anti-discrimination and human-rights based work
  • Encouraging client participation and developing their resources through networking.


SOLWODI was founded in 1985 by Sr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lea Ackermann in Kenya and in 1988 in Germany (SOLWODI Deutschland e. V.). Today SOLWODI has registered associations in six of Germany’s federal states, one of which is SOLWODI Berlin e.V.. Subsidiaries of SOLWODI are situated also in Kenya, Austria, Romania and Hungary.

SOLWODI Berlin e.V.

The specialized counseling center in Berlin was established by the Comboni Missionary Sisters Sr. Margit Forster and Sr. Beatrice Mariotti in late 2007. Since May 2015 the center operates under the newly founded registered association SOLWODI Berlin e. V.

Members of the management board (since September 2020)

  • Chairwoman: Prof. Dr. Christine Funk
  • Deputy Chairwoman: Dr. Susanna Kahlefeld, MdA
  • Deputy Chairwoman: Sr. Annette Fleischhauer, SSpS

Association members

Gründungsmitgl.SOLWODI Berlin e.V. - fehlt B.John - 21.1.15
  • Dr. Sylvester Ajunwa
  • Gudrun Angelis
  • Lissy Eichert
  • Annette Fleischhauer
  • Prof. Dr. Christine Funk
  • Monika Grötzinger
  • Klaudia Höfig
  • Prof. Barbara John
  • Dr. Susanna Kahlefeld, MdA
  • Martin Kalinowski
  • Dr. Martina Köppen
  • Beatrice (Mabel) Mariotti
  • Frido Pflüger
  • Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Thierse, Bundestagspräsident a. D.
  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Thoma
  • Dr. Martin Thoma
  • Traudl Vorbrodt


The counseling center’s personnel costs are predominantly funded by the Berlin Senate Administration for Health, Care and Equality as well as through other charitable organizations and donations. Material costs, especially for creative projects and client expenditure costs are mainly financed through donations.